Holding the Ropes

The greatest missionary was almost stopped before he got started! Acts 9:23-24 tells the story of Saul who had just come to Christ and was sharing his new faith in 1st century Damascus. Knowing his enemies wanted to shut him up, his friends took him to the city wall one night, put him into a basket, and lowered him by rope to safety outside the city walls. From there he was able to make his way back to Jerusalem, then eventually on to Antioch, Asia, and Europe. We also know him as Paul the apostle.

 Paul’s friends are unknown to us. They most likely didn’t seek honor or publicity for their brave deed. As the years went by, though, they saw the value of holding the ropes for Paul. I’m sure God noticed!

 It’s a truth that missionaries cannot work alone. Yes, they might go out in teams, they might interact with national workers and churches, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

 They need people to figuratively hold the ropes for them so they can concentrate on going where God sends them and doing the work for which they have been called.

 As surely as God calls some to go, he calls others to support them prayerfully, financially, and in encouragement.

 I’m looking today for some people to hold the ropes.

 Beginning next Monday, Mandate’s four-person leadership team is leaving the U.S. for a two-week visit with our national ministry partners in Vietnam and Laos. We want to encourage our front-line workers. We want to personally see the results of their ministries. We want to come back with photos and stories to share so that we can encourage more people to join them in their works.

 We are going into spiritual battle. We have prepared ourselves as best we can. We have our tickets, our visas, accommodations booked, packed suitcases. Now we’re looking for people like you who will join together in praying with and for us as we go.

 PRAY for our travel. We’ll leave our individual homes in the U.S. on September 17 and arrive in Da Nang, Vietnam the next day. So PRAY for safety and comfort through our travels.

 We’ll spend days visiting ministry sites in Vietnam. So PRAY that we’ll have good communication with our hosts and Vietnamese people in general.

 I’m hoping to share my testimony with one specific communist official I’ve met before. So PRAY he will be receptive to me and, especially, the gospel.

 Lord willing, I’ll come back to this page next Friday (or when I have a safe and secure internet connection) with updated prayer requests for the second part of our trip – Laos, and the following week with news for our journey home.

 We can’t do this without the help of God’s people. That’s you.

 Will you join together to hold the ropes for Mandate?

Pure, unabashed advertising . . .

We don’t do this often, so I have to make the best of it today. This post is pure, unabashed advertising. Advertising, as in we need Christian workers to fill a variety of positions in South and Southeast Asia.

You’ll remember that Mandate helps send Christian professionals to places where traditional missionaries cannot go. Our workers enter these areas in full-time, legitimate employment which benefits their overseas community. While there, we expect our workers to be as overt as possible in their Christian witness, given their specific situation, seeking to introduce others to Christ and to establish/strengthen His church.

So saying, you (or someone you know) may be the person to fill one of the following needs and so become God’s light in a dark place. Please consider the following personnel needs:

·       TESOL teachers needed in Vietnam

·       Medical workers needed in India and Nepal

·       Primary and secondary school teachers needed in India and Nepal

·       Farm managers needed in Laos

·       Agricultural specialists/teachers needed in Laos

·       Spanish teachers needed in India

·       Counselors needed for human trafficking victims in India

·       Occupational instructors needed for human trafficking victims in India

·       Social workers needed for women’s issues in India

·       Family counselors needed to fight human trafficking in India

·       TESOL teachers needed in Nepal

·       Agricultural specialists/teachers needed in India

·       Small business entrepreneurs needed in India

If you are interested, please contact Mandate. If you know of others who might be interested in this type of service, let them know about this, too.

If you are part of a church, church fellowship group, college fellowship, or similar group, you might consider asking a Mandate representative to visit your location and personally share stories of what God is doing and what still needs to be done for Him in Asia. Again, you can contact Mandate to extend an invitation.