Game Plan

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps”. Many times this verse can be used as a reason not to plan. Does God really want us to refrain from planning? Judging by the way the Lord feels about sloth and laziness, my guess would be no. Instead, God does want us to plan and make goals, BUT He wants us to leave them flexible to His execution and shaping of them. 

This week we are focusing on plans. Weekly we are in prayer for least reached people groups, but faith without works is dead. What is your game plan? Prayer is incredibly powerful, but like a machete through dense jungle it clears the way for action. Think of one unreached people group or nation that you have been in prayer for. If your church were to actually DO something to reach them, what would that look like? Developing relationships with locals? Planning some short term trips? Sending someone long term from the congregation? Coming alongside that people group to help them achieve a goal of theirs while taking that opportunity  to share your personal witness and testimony? 

There is no “right” answer, nor is there a prescribed plan that fits all people groups. Just as the Lord knows your church and knows His people all over the world, the best plans come from seeking Him specifically about the group you’d like to reach. God has promised to be our guide, but to guide our steps we need to be making steps! This week pray about some simple first steps your church can take in reaching the unreached. Call on the help of pastors, missionaries, and elders in your church. You may be surprised as your little steps are directed in God’s big plans.