Exciting News From the Director

I wanted to take a moment to share some exciting news at Mandate and how you can get involved. Mandate has been invited to a restricted Muslim nation in order to join three local Christian pastors in achieving their vision of a dual vocational and discipleship school. 

In an area that is Christian but heavily discriminated against, a huge possibility awaits. By helping the vision of this school, local Christians will be able to be trained and equipped for a trade. They can then go and seek better jobs in other parts of the country (which are heavily Muslim). Through this B4T hub we have the opportunity to equip untold numbers of locals in the heart of an unreached nation to relationally share the gospel through their lives and work. 

So where do you come in? To take on this project we are raising funds for a scouting trip to meet with local leaders and assess what needs to be done. You can donate now at www.gomandate.org/donate. You can also participate in our calendar fundraiser beginning October 1st. For any donation $25 and above you will receive a free, shipping paid calendar promoting Unreached Awareness.

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