How Ducks Shared Scripture

You may recall a few weeks ago in our partner update blog when we asked for your prayers for our flooding partners. An update was received this week with a story about...ducks? The Lord truly wastes no opportunity to share His words.

The flood waters had finally begun receding, leaving many to reclaim their homes. Not only was moving back in a joy, but most belongings were able to be salvaged. In the efforts to get life back in order, the team stumbled across a nest of duck eggs. Some of them were wet and ruined by the flood, but the team took the rest and put them in a dry, safe place under a heat lamp. Amazingly, the ducks began to hatch!

Even the local villagers were amazed at this miraculous survival of the flood. And as only God could do, this experience opened the door to share the story of how God preserved Noah and the animals during the flood. Who knew ducks could be a vehicle to share scripture in a restricted nation!

What has God done for you this week? I challenge you to think about how you could share His goodness with the unbelievers around you by sharing the little miracles He does for you. If God can use ducks as a doorway . for the gospel, He can use your story too.