Pray for Ireland

Dear God,

We thank you for our beautiful emerald Ireland and for its people.  We pray that you will touch and soften their hearts towards the gospel. Holy Spirit, lead them to Christians who can share the gospel and share your love with them. Open their eyes and hearts to experience your love, mercy and grace; that the gospel is good news and is for everyone.  They don’t need to work their way into heaven. Jesus, your son, has done a total and complete work on the cross. Jesus is the one who redeems, sets man free and closes the gap between you and them.  Heal their broken hard hearts.  Heal them from abuse and may they come to know you as a kind and caring God.  I thank you that as they rely on you they would come to understand their future and would not look back. Teach them to forgive others as you have forgiven them.

We pray for unity amongst Christians on this island, that they would respect each other’s view points and would love one another as you have loved us.  Guard their mouths and protect them from evil.  We pray that the world would see us as one, as you are one. We pray that your church will have a strong witness in these difficult times and that you will raise up wise and mature leaders.

May your name be glorified here in Ireland.


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