Pray for Greece

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your mercy in my life and for the grace to be able to co-labor with you in Athens, Greece. Father, I pray that you open the hearts and minds of the Greek people to see that Jesus is who they need and may they find satisfaction for their hunger and thirst in you. May your holy spirit stir their hearts to repentance and obedience to Christ. Father, as you have instructed us, I pray for the leaders of Greece, that you give them your wisdom so that they might rule with justice. I’m grateful that Greece is a stable, peaceful nation and we can worship you freely; help us to redeem the time for your glory.

Father I pray for the plight of the refugees coming through Greece. Their living situation is nightmarish and their hopes of starting a new life for many is ebbing away. Father, have mercy on them. Many have never heard the truth about Jesus, having come from Muslim countries, but now that they are away from family and the pressure of culture, I ask that you reveal yourself to them and that they will seek you.

Father I pray for your church in Greece. The economic crises have crushed many families financially. Have mercy on our nation Father and revive the economy so that Greek fathers can provide for their families. I pray that through this crisis our trust in you will grow. I pray for the young kids of our church that not one will be lost to the world. Help us adults to live pure lives so that we can be a good example to them.  Help us as a church to grow in love for one another, to carry each other’s burdens and together to help our neighbors so that your name will be glorified.

Father we eagerly wait for you to return to usher in your kingdom, but until then help us to keep the gospel in the center of all that we do.


Mandate presents this prayer with thanks to Themis Sirinides, an elder at the 2nd Greek Evangelical Church of Athens.