Help Wanted

Mandate is an evangelical organization which sends Christian workers to areas of the world where traditional missionaries cannot go. We send these workers in open, legal, development roles such as education, medicine, business, agriculture, community development, human trafficking, etc. We expect all our workers to be as overt as possible in sharing their faith. As expressed in our vision statement “Mandate works to grow God’s kingdom among the least reached peoples of the world through the relationships and proactive witness of development-oriented Christian professionals.” We are currently working in South and Southeast Asia.

The Executive Director is a full-time, faith-supported position responsible for carrying out the ministry of Mandate.


  1. Explicit Christian testimony and life experience(s);
  2. Significant cross-cultural experience;
  3. Adequate formal and informal education to fulfill the duties listed above;
  4. Actively engaged in worship and ministry within a local church which is compatible with Mandate’s faith and practices;
  5. Agreement with the purpose, goals, and strategies of Mandate
  6. Able to provide and maintain personal financial support.

Additional Notes:

  1. Mandate does not have a central office. All U.S. staff work from satellite locations. This position can be filled from any location within the United States. No relocation is necessary.
  2. Mandate works closely with several overseas ministries. The person filling this position should be prepared to travel overseas at least once or twice each year.

Anyone interested can contact David Tucker, Mandate’s current executive director, at for a copy of the full job description and additional information about Mandate, as well as with any questions you might have. You can also go directly the Mandate’s website at