Dreaming Wildly

Have you ever felt like you are living the life that was handed to you, instead of the life you’re meant to live? It can feel like you’re stuck in a hamster wheel wondering, “What am I doing?”  This is where dreams become vital to life—they stir us out of the rut we can find ourselves in.

The best, most important dreams help us pursue things that matter! Many of us want to live in the dream God has for us, but we are confused about what that is, so we cry out to God, “What’s your will for my life?!” The simple truth about God’s will is that it’s way more about who you are than what you do or where you go. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-19)

If you find yourself wondering about your dream then consider this—your dreams must be bigger than you! Meaning the best dreams, the most Kingdom minded dreams aren’t about what you will accomplish in life, but the best dreams see beyond ourselves and imagine the common good for all people! (1 Corinthians 12:7) Isn’t that always God’s will?

What if you dreamed for the people and places you intersect every day?

What if you dreamed for your neighborhood?

For the people you work with?

For your community?

For your church?

Having a dream can be intimidating because the world has boxed dreams into things like advancing your career or creating causes and movements that have a global impact. Many of us shy away from those types of “big dreams” because we don’t want to fail.

Our dreams shouldn’t be rooted in the big or impressive, but rather in the hope for the people and places around us. Ask God to stir your heart for that cause! What’s something that matters for your neighborhood, kids school, work colleagues, or city? What is something good that you and your friends can do that will spread the love of God and continue the global impacting movement we are already a part of called the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The gospel calls you to do things you thought you could never do—and it starts with the life you are living now. Look around you and dream wildly—that’s God’s will for you!

Today's blog comes to us from Mrs. Julia Kuchinsky, an educator in the city of Korosten, Ukraine. We in Mandate appreciate her insights in the Christian life and willingness to share with us.