The Power of a Story

As I sipped my coffee this morning curled up with my Bible, I read stories of the run-ins the ancient Israelites had with the Amalekites. I read a story of disciples packed into a boat, having just witnessed a miracle that fed thousands, who watched Jesus walk to them over the waves- first in horror, then in unbelievable joy. 

As I sat down to my laptop, I had a message from my coworker. The video (found here) you see here was taken on location at one of Mandate’s placement sites. Behind each face you see a life. Behind each life there is a collection of stories. There is truly a supernatural power in stories. The story of Jesus changes entire nations. The story of one miracle or testimony sparks the fire of action and sends the next person to a least-reached area. 

At Mandate our projects aren’t building or machines...our projects are stories. Stories of people groups few can pronounce being reached. Stories of professions that become heavenly vocations. God could have left us a Bible full of instructions in the form of lists. Instead, He did much more than that. His instructions for knowing Him, navigating life, and transforming the world around us came in a series of stories that’s sixty six books long. 

The stories told in the images of this video are waiting for their next chapter. You don’t need to be an English teacher to get involved. Trades like baking, welding, and much are in high demand. You don’t need to move to Cambodia to get involved. If you are able to give a month of your time to train up teachers in your skill or trade, we can make that happen. You don’t even have to leave your couch to get involved. When you donate through our website, you support projects that directly impact people groups and communities like this. 

No doubt as the disciples lived their life callings, they never envisioned their day to day lives being :”the Gospel of Mark” or “the Gospel of John”. It was just their lives. Insert your name there. What does the Gospel of you look like? What stories is God writing in your life? Are you ready for the next adventure? Reach out to us. We are in the business of Heavenly stories, and we would love to see what God has for you next!