What If This Was Your Story?

Imagine this. God calls you to a country you that you are so unfamiliar with that you have to look it up on the map. You obediently dive in with your family. In addition to picking up and new language and culture, you’re also learning an industry with which you’re completely unfamiliar. Talk about a learning curve! You know, however, that God has called you to this place to change lives for His kingdom.

As your mud-steeped feet trod the perimeter of the facilities, you silently pray. Each day, rain or shine, you circle this little piece of uncharted territory God in which God has placed you. In this area to evangelize would mean certain consequence; the loss of your job and removal from the nation. You ache for these people to know Him, so you trudge on, praying through your lunch break.

As your days turn into weeks and your weeks into the first few years, one by one your staff become your friends. Questions over meals at your home become opportunities to share the gospel discreetly. One believes. Then another. A third believer decides to take her message into rural areas where foreigners like you are not allowed. Finally! Then you get word that the local underground church, started by an old employee, has grown from two to over two hundred. Encouraged by the first fruits, you take that same walk around the grounds, praising God for His goodness.

Then a blow. The market takes a plunge. To make it in this industry, you’ll have to alter your whole business style and learn and entirely new skillset. As you’re navigating this unexpected turn in the road, you find out you’re expecting another baby! You could really use some prayer and encouragement but with attending church meetings being illegal and holding Bible studies being too risky, the opportunities for getting “refilled” are few and far between.

Imagining this, how special would it be for you to have the prayers and support of hundreds across the world? This life is the real story of one of our partner organizations in a restricted area. Without needing to even know their names or locations, you can be the encouragement they need to keep going. Lift them up in prayer this week. Make a donation on our website (www.gomandate.org/donate) to help this operation and others like it through Mandate’s services and designate the donation “encouragement”.