Next Generation

Watching the eyes of the children glisten needed no translation. Visiting our partners in Vietnam was not only an opportunity to watch children learn, but it was an privilege to see the next generation being mentored by Christians. While they may have been learning English pronunciation, their hearts were being mentored in the love of God.

Paul understood well the importance of passing down learning as well as his faith on to the next generation. Time and time again he prepares the way for Timothy's ministry and even writes letters training him up. This piece of training up the next generation is pivotal to the work we do in Mandate. Nations that are unengaged, nations that are starving, nations in which the church is declining, are all places that may not be fully revived in our lifetime. For that reason, we are to be training the next generation of entrepreneurs for God. What ideas are they going to create to bring the Kingdom to the least reached? How are they going to take the work the Lord has started in us one step farther?

In the secular world there is a commonly known occasion called bring your daughter to work day or bring your son to work day. This is an opportunity for your child to see you in action. By watching how you work, the child gets a window into the work he or she could choose to take on.

There is a need for a spiritual “take your child to work” mentality. If you use your profession as a ministry, begin speaking to those of the younger generation about how to bring the gospel into your secular job. If your work is ministry, begin teaching and equipping the younger generation to carry on ministering to the community. Watching what you do is only the first part of it. The second part is hearing from you the testimony and lessons the Lord has worked in you.

This week take some time to reflect how you are imparting the work and calling the Lord has given to you to the next generation. Be in prayer for these workers that will carry on what was started at the time of Christ Himself.