Each Mandate opportunity is rated according to the level of difficulty on a scale from 1 to 3, based on the work or ministry required of the team and the conditions they will encounter. No matter what your skill or passion is, there’s a place for you!


Green (Level 1)

Food : Traditional

Travel: Short - Med. flight, comfortable ground transportation

Cost : $

Environment: Safe

Physical Demands: Low

Ministry: Easy

Difficulty level is low. The cultural and living conditions will be very easy. This trip is ideal for high school aged volunteers. Showers, electricity and Wi-Fi will be reliable. If a language barrier exists, it will not be difficult to bridge.


Yellow (Level 2)

Food : Traditional/non traditional

Travel: Med- Long flights, layovers, challenging ground transportation

Cost : $$

Environment: Slight Risk

Physical Demands: Medium

Ministry: Moderate

Volunteers must be very flexible as the trip will not be predictable. Cultural conditions will be somewhat difficult, living conditions may be normal on some days, and difficult on others, translators may be needed and ministry conditions will likely be more difficult. Access to the Internet and electricity could be spotty at best.


Red (Level 3)

Food: Non Traditional

Travel: Long Flights, layovers, rough ground transportation

Cost : $$$

Environment: Greater Risk

Physical Demands: High

Ministry: Intense

Cultural conditions (food, language) will be difficult, a translator may be required, food provided may be completely unfamiliar, living conditions may include sleeping on the floor, no shower for days, no Internet accessibility, irregular or no electricity; the volunteer will be stretched far beyond their comfort zone. This is not a trip for a first time missions volunteer.