There are still parts of the world with little access to basic medical care. Higher on the scale are clinics and hospitals asking for medical professionals at all levels. To meet future needs, experienced medical staff are needed to teach and train the next general of health care workers.

rural health services

Clinics and hospitals might be few and far between for rural and village dwellers in Asia. Rural health workers can be free to travel, as needed, to such areas for both health monitoring and maintenance, and for teaching healthy living principles to those living away from institutional care.

Current Opportunities


Many hospital are limited by small staffs or low levels of training. Western nurses, technicians, physicians, and the like can supplement the regular staff for the short or longer term, and upgrade existing staff through formal or informal training. 

Current Opportunities


Medical teachers are general welcome as they bring the latest methods and technology to their places of service. In at least one area in which Mandate works, the level of medical education is 25+ years behind the western world. In such a case, ex-pat teachers can touch an entire generation through the national medical personnel their teach.

Current Opportunities