Peoples in Asia are crying out for more options in education. Many countries are promoting ESL or English as a Second Language. Western teachers are needed to supplement national professors in general and specialized universities.


The English language is recognized by many countries as a must for international business and development. Trained and competent teachers are needed to teach at levels from grade school to university. Others find niches within the national business community. Still others can become private tutors. The need is great and the resources are still relatively small.



Even with the educational levels rising in most countries, there is a universal sharing of university-level teachers between countries and schools. One university English department would like to bring an ESL teacher as an assistant to each of their own department professors. Other universities with which we work are looking specifically for western-trained specialists in medicine, science, IT, and agriculture.


international school teacher - all levels

Most major cities in Asia have at least one international school. These schools primarily serve the international community in a location, including ex-pat diplomats, business people, aid workers, and the higher national social groups. They teach a western curriculum using English as a first language. Mandate has direct partnerships with at least four such international schools, all asking for additional help.