Indonesia Trip - Nov/Dec 2019


Indonesia has the greatest population of Muslim groups in the world…

This chain of islands are covered in unreached people groups.  In a few short weeks, Mandate staff will be venturing into this country. This exploratory trip will check in on our co-laborers for Christ who are reaching the Muslims on their island through the operation of a successful business.  The trip will also explore an invitation to visit another island that has been referred to as forgotten, or the "least, last and the lost." Mandate will look into  partnering with a vocational and Christian discipleship school who are equipping locals from all over Indonesia with professional skills and discipleship skills so that they can be sent out where they will spread the Gospel throughout the nation. We will also be visiting schools, churches and local believers to encourage them and train them them in various areas. 

We are going on faith that where the Lord has called us, He will provide. People like you are how this ministry continues to function. If you’d like to be a part of this incredible movement in Indonesia, you can do so by donating at You can make a secure online donation, or mail your check to the provided address. 

Please also keep this trip in your prayers, that the Lord’s will would be done, and progress towards reaching every nation and people would be made.