About 30 million people, right now, around the world, are enslaved by human trafficking: forced into the sex trade, used as slave or indentured labor, and even as trained as child soldiers. This is a war which will not be won by law and government, but by the labor of people and organizations committed to God, justice, and freedom. 


Mandate is part of a ministry which uses education at the village level to make people aware of how human trafficking works and how it could affect them.  Since poverty and poor family dynamics open doors for trafficking, this ministry is also providing education to strengthen the basic family unit in their area.


When children, especially, are rescued from human trafficking, they often need care, counselling, basic education and skill training before they can re-enter the world from which they were taken. We need teachers, counsellors, medical staff, and others to prepare them.


Human trafficking is often brutally debasing to its victims, going beyond the physical assault to break the spirit. Victims like these need well trained and loving counsellors to help them through the process of regaining their lives and identities.