Marital problems, troubled teens, general relationship difficulties. These are universal concerns. Those trained in counseling and interpersonal relationships can cross cultural boundaries to strengthen families and communities, healing lives and helping them to achieve full potential.


Myriads of normal human burdens are often compounded by problems of race, social class, and poverty. Counsellors are needed to help individuals and families understand and overcome these challenges and to offer spiritual help for an empowered life. These counsellors must have the ability to communicate about such problems across diverse cultural barriers for successful communication.


women's care

The life of a woman is often difficult in developing countries. Many women feel they have nowhere to turn for help or comfort. To combat this, Mandate is partnering with several western women in itinerant ministry who educate churches and other groups in how to care for their wives and daughters and also provide one-on-one counselling with women in need.