Through our lifetimes, traditional mission organizations have focused on sending professional religious workers to evangelize, disciple, and establish churches.  It worked!  Through the last century, the evangelical church grew from about 2.5% to almost 12% of the world population.

In this new century, the world has changed.  Places missionaries can openly go as professional religious workers have been reached, with strong and growing churches established.  Today’s challenge is those areas of the world considered unengaged with the message of Christ, and where Christianity is limited or opposed.

The church must approach the world honorably, offering legal and legitimate services that can justify the presence of ex-patriot workers who are able to provide a Christian presence, being as overt as possible in their intentional witness and so building up the body of Christ.

Mandate meets this challenge by working in true partnership with national NGOs for maximum effectiveness.  Mandate mobilizes trained, experienced and competent workers in a variety of development-oriented areas. These workers, in turn, bring with them a commitment to Christ and His church. 


How do we do this?