Are you interested in learning more about opportunities to work with Mandate and our partners? 

The form on our Contact Page will connect you with our personnel director, who will contact you to discuss your areas of interest and current opportunities that might fit your experience and interest.

After we’ve found a possible position to fit you, we’ll request your curriculum vitae and work with you through the application process. This is a process to find the best match for your interests, but will not commit you beyond your decision to take the next step.

Through this process, we’ll share your interests, qualifications, etc. with our international partners to find the best and most effective fit for you, which we will then bring back to you for prayerful consideration. 

All our workers are placed in their positions on a contract basis, setting out the employment opportunity, term of service, and mutual accountability. With typical contracts ranging from a few weeks to several years, yours will be customized for your unique situation.

Mandate and the appropriate overseas partner will help with travel plans, housing arrangements overseas, and in-country orientation.  We want to make sure that everything is ready for you when you arrive.

Once you are in country and working, you will be connected with others in your area who will help you adapt to life and will be your local support team.  We in the USA office will anticipate receiving your updates and hearing about your professional work along with your personal ministry.

If you are currently connected with a missionary sending agency and want to serve in one of our limited access areas, we will be happy to discuss options for working through Mandate so that you can maintain your current agency status while working through us.

If you have any other questions concerning work opportunities or our placement process, please click here.