North Korea is often called the “hermit kingdom,” because it has willfully walled itself off from most of the world. Behind the wall of Stalinism and a self-defined policy of self-reliance or  Juche, North Korea is a tightly controlled society, with no room for religion of any sort. There is a small, but growing, underground church. There are also opportunities to influence and prepare this society, through education, for major changes in the not-so-distant future.


Approximately 1% of the population is considered evangelical Christian. 
North Korea is completely opposed to the Gospel of Christ, receiving the highest persecution ranking for their attack on Christians.
About 70% of the land area is mountainous, and less than 3% of roads are paved. 
North Korea created its own time zone, called Pyongyang Time, named after the North Korean capital, which is 30 minutes behind South Korea and Japan.