We have opportunities around Asia, from a couple of weeks to a lifetime. Whether you want to serve in schools, in cities, on farms, in universities, or nearly anywhere in-between, Mandate can suggest a place for your unique gifts and passions. Check out our current missionary opportunities below. 

We desire to live out our faith among the people, aiming to help with both their physical and spiritual needs. We seek to establish an indigenous, culturally sensitive reproducing community of disciples among the least reached people groups. 



Peoples in Asia are crying out for more options in education. Many countries are promoting ESL or English as a Second Language. Western teachers are needed to supplement national professors in general and specialized universities.


There are still parts of the world with little access to basic medical care. Higher on the scale are clinics and hospitals asking for medical professionals at all levels. To meet future needs, experienced medical staff are needed to teach and train the next general of health care workers.


One challenge for growing populations is food supply. Agricultural workers, in all areas of food supply, are needed to help introduce new farming techniques and geographically appropriate crops and livestock, meeting current needs and ensuring a prosperous future.


adult & family

Marital problems, troubled teens, general relationship difficulties. These are universal concerns. Those trained in counseling and interpersonal relationships can cross cultural boundaries to strengthen families and communities, healing lives andhelping them to achieve full potential.

human trafficking

About 30 million people, right now, around the world, are enslaved by human trafficking: forced into the sex trade, used as slave or indentured labor, and even as trained as child soldiers. This is a war which will not be won by law and government, but by the labor of people and organizations committed to God, justice, and freedom. 

community development

Mandate is committed reproducing communities of disciples, that is, churches. Building on their faith, these new churches need educational and economic resources to be truly indigenous and then to be able to reach out to others.