Workers come from a variety of sources.

  • Local churches might direct members to us.  These churches screen and train their own, then second them to Mandate for placement.
  • Traditional agencies often second members to Mandate.  Such workers are full members of their own agency, but placed in Mandate’s care and oversight for service.
  • Individuals can come directly to Mandate, most having come through this website or other social media.

Mandate and our overseas partners place the workers

  • Mandate reviews a worker’s interests and credentials and works with overseas partners to suggest a viable employment opportunity/platform for ministry.
  • Having determined a suitable placement, Mandate, the worker, and the overseas partner will draft an employment contract spelling out work responsibilities, length of service, compensation, etc.
  • Mandate and the overseas partner will help the worker obtain a visa and/or employment permits required by the host government.

The overseas partner provides assistance in acculturation and spiritual oversight

  • The overseas partner provides in-country orientation, assistance in setting up personal housing, helps workers begin their employment, and is available for cultural assistance and member care.

  • The overseas partner introduces workers to local churches with which they can fellowship.

  • The overseas partner provides regular evaluations of the workers which are shared with the Mandate leadership as well as the workers’ sending agencies or churches. 




Mandate provides consistent leadership and oversight throughout the above steps,

through the in-country ministry,

and until workers complete their assignment.